Nextcloud 14 at the Nextcloud Conference 2018

Nextcloud 14 has been announced and brings many features for professional use in a commercial environment. Here are my favourites from the keynote.


OpenCloudMesh is an approach to standardize sharing between clouds and Nextcloud 14 is the first stable software to incorporate that standard. The new server software is backwards compatible and thus still supports shares with the old implementation.

Hardware partner

NEC, the hardware manufacturer, partners with Nextcloud and will be shipping the cloud software on its home routers in Japan. This will bring Nextcloud to 1 Million people in Japan. This is a huge step for a distributed network of clouds and opposing centralisation.

Simple Signup

All clients and the website of Nextcloud itself will offer users a direct way to signup with a few selected hosting providers. This process is as seamless and straight forward like signing up on a centralized solution. The providers offer at least 2GB of free storage for the first year.

Kanban board support

Deck, the kanban-style work organization tool, is used by companies in a professional setup which offering to pay for support. Therefore the Nextcloud app is getting official support and more features like direct file upload.

Resource booking in calendar

The calendar app supports resource booking, a feature that allows to reserve a meeting room for a calendar event.

Office suites

Onlyoffice is offered as an alternative to Collabora Online, the web based document editing software integrated with Nextcloud. The improved integration allows to select files inside office documents directly from Nextcloud.

Video protected file shares

File and folder shares can be password protected by "Talk", the video call and chat app. This means that a video call for verification purposes in necessary in order to get the password for the protected share.

Desktop client sharing

The desktop client allows file sharing with a dialog similar to the web interface.

Screenshot of desktop sharing