Current version of pipenv 2018.7.1 is unusable

Arch Linux ships the zsh shell by default. However, the python package and version manager pipenv has a bug concerning shells other than /bin/bash. It seems like the update has been pushed to the Arch repos without any tests.

Firefox tabs in title bar under Linux

Firefox on Linux displays the tab bar below the title bar by default. In order to move the tabs to the title bar, like Chrome and Firefox on Windows do, open about:config and set the configuration key browser.tabs.drawInTitlebar to true.

Continue using Arch Linux kernel modules after updating

The manjaro package kernel-alive provides helpers to backup and restore kernel modules during an update. With this tool it is now possible to load modules for the current kernel, even if it has been updated since the last boot. The kernel modules would otherwise be unavailable since Arch Linux replaces them with modules for the newly installed kernel during an update.

AmbiLED from source

I'm using AmbiLED HD as a custom ambient light for my TV. After replacing the included LED strip with a larger one, I encountered problems with occasional flickering of the LEDs. A video clip can be found on YouTube.