Python 3.7 in Arch Linux

Arch Linux updated Python 3 to version 3.7. Therefore, Python aur packages have to be rebuilt in order to continue working.

Python - new language features

Python has some interesting new features which improve code quality a lot. Here are my favourites sorted by version. Note that Python 3.8 hasn't been released yet. However, the feature assignment expressions has already been decided upon and its decision process has let Guido van Rossum, the founder of Python, to resign.

Kopplungsverbot für Software und Hardware

Google verstößt gegen EU-Recht, indem es seine Marktmacht missbraucht und Anbieter von Android-Geräten zwingt, gewisse Google-Apps zusammen mit dem Gerät auszuliefern. Doch wie sieht es mit anderen Herstellern aus, die Dritten gar nicht erst die Möglichkeit einräumen, ihre Software auf eigener Hardware anzubieten?

GDM crashes after systemd update 239.0 with Nvidia

After upgrading systemd to version 239.0 Gnomes display manager gdm crashes and thus no graphical output is available for everyone using the proprietary Nvidia graphics drivers.

Current version of pipenv 2018.7.1 is unusable

Arch Linux ships the zsh shell by default. However, the python package and version manager pipenv has a bug concerning shells other than /bin/bash. It seems like the update has been pushed to the Arch repos without any tests.