MongoDB switches from AGPLv3 to SSPL

With SaaS companies making even bigger profits of open source software without contributing back to the community, the MongoDB project decided to change the license of their source code from 16. October onwards. The main difference between the APGLv3 and the SSPL is that the later requires anyone offering the software to a third party to also open source all their management interfaces, backup scripts and so on. The full text reads as follows:

FIfFKon18 Videotipps: Digitale Entmündigung und Grenzen künstlicher Intelligenz

Zwei der besten Vorträge der diesjährigen FIfFKon, die mich zum Nachdenken gebracht haben. Kann man sich in Ruhe noch ein zweites Mal anschauen.

Favourites: Gnome Extensions

This is the start of a series of posts about my favourite tools/extensions/tweaks for the software I'm using each day. The lists shall help me to find the tools again when I need them and foster conversations about better solutions.

Isolate Android Apps with "Android Work"

Android Work is a core feature of the Android operating system which installs apps in a sandboxed environment, preventing them from accessing the main users apps and data and vice versa. For example Android Work has its own address book, calendar, file system, Play Store and so on.

Workaround for pipenv 2018.7.1 zsh bug

Pipenv is currently not working if your shell is zsh, which is the default on Arch Linux. As a workaround add the following line to your .zshrc: