Steam Play, Valve Proton and Wine - running Windows titles on Linux

Valve has published new beta version of its desktop client for Linux. The most notable improvement is the support of Proton, a Wine distribution with some patches on top. This allows to launch a number of Windows exclusive games to launch under Linux.

The Commons Clause and Redis

Redis has added the Commons Clause to some of its enterprise modules, which were licensed solely under the terms of the AGPL license. The Commons Clause is added on top of the current license and takes away the right to make any money from the software it covers, including consulting and hosting.


DNS is used to resolve the name of a website to its IP-address, which can then be used to retrieve the actual content from the server. Plain DNS queries are unencrypted and can be read as well as modified by any party between you and your DNS server. DNS over HTTPS is using TLS to achieve confidentiality and integrity. The technique behind traditional DNS and DNS over HTTPS is explaind by Mozilla in an article.

Android 9 "Pie" has been released

Google published the latest version of it's mobile operating system. Android 9 Pie has been pushed to the AOSP repository and has already started rolling out to the first phones.

Sozialadäquanzklausel kann auf Videospiele angewendet werden

Ab heute ist es möglich, dass auch Videospiele, welche unter Berücksichtigung der Sozialadäquanz, verbotene Symbole zeigen, eine Freigabe von der USK erlangen können. Natürlich sind die Kennzeichen gem. § 86 a StGB weiterhin grundsätzlich verboten. Nach der neuen Rechtsauffassung werden jedoch endlich Videospiele mit anderen Medien, wie Filmen und Serien, gleichgestellt.