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Sicherheitslücken als Mängel im Sinne der Gewährleistung

Kauft eine Privatperson ein neues technisches Gerät, wie ein Smartphone, von einem gewerblichen Verkäufer, dann hat der Verbraucher ein zweijähriges Gewährleistungsrecht.

Isolate Android Apps with "Android Work"

Android Work is a core feature of the Android operating system which installs apps in a sandboxed environment, preventing them from accessing the main users apps and data and vice versa. For example Android Work has its own address book, calendar, file system, Play Store and so on.

Nextcloud 14 at the Nextcloud Conference 2018

Nextcloud 14 has been announced and brings many features for professional use in a commercial environment. Here are my favourites from the keynote.


DNS is used to resolve the name of a website to its IP-address, which can then be used to retrieve the actual content from the server. Plain DNS queries are unencrypted and can be read as well as modified by any party between you and your DNS server. DNS over HTTPS is using TLS to achieve confidentiality and integrity. The technique behind traditional DNS and DNS over HTTPS is explaind by Mozilla in an article.

Android 9 "Pie" has been released

Google published the latest version of it's mobile operating system. Android 9 Pie has been pushed to the AOSP repository and has already started rolling out to the first phones.